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About Delhi Photo Walks Team

We are a team of travelers, photographers and explorers working together to make your trip exciting and memorable.

Jaidev Jamwal


Jaidev loves nature, travel, photography, reading and adventure. He also takes care of website, emails and other mundane office work. Website 

Rajeev Goyal


He loves cooking, creating new dishes, eating, exploring new places and photography. He comes up with new ideas and ways to implement them.

Karl Grenet


 Karl, originally from Asutralia now spends his time in Chiang Mai among other places, travelling and documenting the sights, people and everything else which interests him. He is an excellent photographer and is working for various projects, personal as well as commercial. 

Our Associates

Arranges culinary tours in various regions across India.

Offers some of the best food tours and related culinary tour services in New Delhi.

Is a great choice for arranging cutom photo tours in India.